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  Date: 26 / Mar / 2015
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Instant FX Profits Review Chains
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1. Why am I recommending Instant FX Profits?

I am no stranger to the creator of Instant FX Profits. When I first started learning forex trading a few years ago, I have attended his trading seminars. In fact, I have attended all major trading seminars in my country, Singapore.

Kishore is a reputable and well-known forex trainer in Singapore. You will see his advertisement in our main newspaper every day!

He has been actively training students for the past few years and has amassed quite a large group of members. I am not sure of the size but there have been claims that his forex students make up the largest groups among all the rest.

There are quite a number of them turning into full-time traders now. There is one thing you will hear from his students personally. That is "I seldom lose money with his system" and "i only spend 10-20 minutes applying his strategies"

No joke! That is what I am hearing from some of the students.

This online forex trading course was only available in the beginning of 2009. Kishore was taking advantage of this recession period to introduce it online. He wanted more people to become financial independent with forex trading.

This is why I feel the need to review this course here. You now have the chance to pick up this trading course and master all the strategies to make yourself a good living online.

I feel that anyone who wants to start forex trading or struggling to make profits from trading should consider it.

==> More details at Instant FX Profits Factsheet


8 years of live workshop

Unlike most forex trading courses, Instant FX Profits has the age and experience. Kishore has been teaching the course for the past 8 years in seminars and workshops. It was available online only after he was approached by an internet marketing company to package it up as an online home study course.

A hedge fund manager

Besides being a trainer, Kishore also actively trades as a hedge fund manager. Thus he is able to provide great insights on how the "Big Players" trade inside his course.

Over tens thousands of student and reputable medias like BBC, Bloomberg, Channel News Asia and etc.

Kishore has been conducting his trading workshop for many years and have amassed tens of thousands of students across the world in a period of 8 years using offline advertising, mainly through word-of-mouth.

He has caught the attention and interviewed by giant medias like BBC, Bloomberg and etc .

1 year unique guarantee

This one really differs from every other trading course. He will stick with each student for at least 2 years if they failed to make any profits. He helps them with his Daily Profit Alerts to hold their hands to trade.

He strongly believes that every student of his will make good money from his strategies. He is willing to stick every each and everyone till the end until they successfully become a profitable trader.

What do most trading courses do? They will give you a 30 days money back guaranteed and you are on your own after this period.

The only forex trading course that is certified by a tertiary instituition.You will be given a FX Course Certificate by Metropolitan Business School of UK

All the trading materials inside Instant FX Profits are verified by a tertiary institution. This means that the materials are certified for professional forex training . Consider yourself to be a professional forex trader after graduation! No more unnecessary spending on any forex materials.


You get to learn the proprietary trending system that has made 1000% for his students in a month.

There are many different strategies that have made huge profits for his students. Whether you are an aggressive intra-day trader or a end-of-day trader, you will find powerful strategies that increase your edge in the forex market.

Recently, one of the ambassadors of Robert Kiyosaki has picked up a single trending strategy and has made himself 1000% in less than a month.

==> See the strategy at work at Instant FX Profits Trades Results

The trading strategies inside are tested and proven over the past 8 years and still improving with more live workshops and feedbacks

It is difficult to do backtest for manual strategies to gauge their performance. So every trading course can boost how good they are ! And what happens when these strategies do not work anymore? Who can help you?

Instant FX Profits have proven themselves over the past 8 years just how good and solid their strategies are. Their students are increasing through word-of-mouth. The trainers are continuously improving their trading system through students' feedbacks.

They are constantly updating their students on changes through their membership site. There are occasional students gathering as well.

2-3 times less than actual cost of live workshop

I have attended numerous live seminars and workshops so I know how expensive they are. If I were given a chance, I rather pick up an online trading course. Its cheaper, convenient and everything is at my own pace.

Kishore is now giving this chance to let anyone access his complete trading materials at 1/3 to 1/4 the cost price of his workshop. And I haven't include the bonuses yet!

He is giving a 5 figure-worth of bonuses if they were to purchase separately.

No other training materials needed with this jam-packed training course

Do you know that most forex trading courses require you to buy their "upsells" in order to learn more? On the front, they give you a low price but at the backend, they will upsell you on the basis that the previous course is not complete.

I do not want to mention names but I did a comparison with one of my recommended course.

You do not need to buy anything else with Instant FX Profits. It is complete, progressive and has hand-guiding session. It has all you need to become a profitable trader.

No more confusion as all training materials and strategies align themselves together

Your training materials are certified by Metropolitan Business School of UK to be a forex trader

I have mentioned above that the course is verified by a 3rd-party institution. So you can rest assured and have confidence trading the strategies.

Trading confidently is so important in trading. If you lack one, you are always going to disobey the rules. Not taking trades when you should, not exiting trades when you must and you lose money unnecessarily.

Lifetime updates to all materials through members area

Kishore and his trainers have been teaching financial trading for many years and they will be here for a long time.

You will get constant updates from Kishore on his trading systems, strategies and other news. In fact, Kishore started with less than a few strategies and have increased them to 10 now. They are meant to suit all types of timeframes and conditions.

Any age group or background can pick up the training materials to make money.

Do you agree that trading becomes profitable when it is simple and mechanical to execute?

This is the objective that Instant FX Profits has adopted. They are the reasons why students like retirees and senior elderly are making good money in the market.

If they can do it, so can you!

Free charting website with all the setups that Kishore personally use ($997 separately sold value)

To trade profitably from someone's trading system, it is best we follow exactly what he does. You get free access to his charting website with all his setups.

You will get the exact entry and exit points from those setups. No more trading dilemmas from human interpretation. Its either you take the trade or not.

Access to Daily Alerts for one year to help traders to trade confidently

This component alone is worth at least 2x of the cost price. Don't believe? Check around reputable forex websites that provides trading signal services. They easily charge between $199 to $399 per month. And you are getting this service free for 1 year.

Moreover, reading the Daily FX Alerts help you understand how Kishore trades. You will become more confident when you realized how simple and profitable trading is with his trading strategies.

Lifetime support from email and chat

When you become a member of Instant FX Profits, you become their lifetime member. Most forex websites only recognized you as Current-Paid or Non-Paid member. You don't get access to their websites materials after you stop paying. That is the cold truth.


No Money Back Guarantee.

Although there is a 1 year unique guarantee, one would appreciate to get back his money without any fuss. I have asked him before but he reassured that he only wants serious students and that they would surely make trading as a profitable career under his guidance.

Too Many Trading Strategies

I know it sounds good when you have 10 arsenal weapons under you. However, it can be confusing choosing one when you are starting out. I realize the students including me only end up using 1-2 strategies max.

From my years of trading experiences, I personally feel you only need 2-3 strategies that range from Intra-Day, Retracement, Breakout and Swinging setups.

Find a strategy each for 5 min, 4 hour and Daily. You will then be able to take advantage of the volatility movement within a day and huge amount of pips that big timeframes provide.

==> Answer your queries with Instant FX Profits User Guide


All the students I come across personally or online found the courses informative and motivational. Most important they are making "real" money.

What's amazing is that most of the students trade real money straight away without even demo trading. The strategies were simple and powerful.

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