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  Date: 26 / Apr / 2015
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Seven Summits Trader (SST)
Factsheet & Review

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seven summits trader icon Visit Seven Summits Trader
Forex Trading Course

Forex Trading System
( A set of rules covering entry strategies, stoploss,
profit targets and money management.
Custom indicators may be included to assist the above. )
(Compare to other related products)
  • Seven Summits Trader (SST) is developed by NetPicks Trading Team who has already developed several trading system and courses on the forex market
  • Found in 1996, NetPicks team have over 15 years of training and trading experiences.
  • Mark Soberman, chief of Netpicks claimed that it is their most powerful and profitable trading system up to date
  • Can be applied to any financial markets (Forex,Stock, Commodities,Futures & Options) under all timeframes
  • Objective is to arm a trader with the seven keys to trading success :

    1. Learning to trade multiple markets under multiple timeframes
    2. Dynamic Entries with Reasonable Profit Targets and Stops
    3. Scale and Trail your profits when trend comes
    4. Exact Trading Plans to follow
    5. Capital Preservation in tough market conditions
    6. Total Training for all aspects
    7. Consistent Profits for compounding

Advantages of Seven Summits Trader

  • You will be provided with straight-forward buy/sell signals from the Seven Summits Trader custom indicators
  • Aims on small consistent profits and big occasional profits using their trailing system
  • Effective training methods like live chat,call,webinar room
  • Netpicks focus on integrity and improvement with their existing training system.

    They have created less than 6-7 trading system/courses during the past 15 years. (unlike most who produce 1 product every 1-2 month)
  • Wide range of training topics for all levels of traders

    1. Forex,Futures,Stock & Options Walk-Throughs
    2. The Art of Trading
    1. Setting up your trading charts
    2. Applying the custom indicators and getting ready to take trades.
    3. SST fundamental rules
    4. How to identify our major setups with the custom indicators
    5. Risk Management
    6. Choosing Your Markets/Intervals
    7. Developing your daily Trading Plan and Schedule
    8. How to trade multiple markets in all types of market conditions
  • Live trading rooms for ongoing and supported training
  • You will also be given their last forex trading system (High Velocity Market Master) for additional reference


Recommend trading capital
Seven Summits Trader
Package Contents
  • Seven Summits Trader Software & Indicator Suite
    (provides you with buy/sell signals)
  • 6 CDs Full of Seven Summits Trader Video Training
    (step-by-step walk-throughs to indicators setup, taking entries and the entire trading system and etc)
  • 3 Seven Summits Trader Workbook Training Manuals
    (reveals all the strategies to using your indicators, trading multiple markets under multiple timeframes and etc)
  • 1 Month Access to the Seven Summits Trader Owners Club
    (supplemental training resources, webinars, live calls, live training room, monthly trading plans)
  • Continuous Online & Offline Support
    (access to trading coaches for any support)
Traded Currencies
All Currencies
+ Other Financial Markets
(Forex, Stock, Futures, Commodities, Options)
Preferred Timeframe
All Timeframes
Avg Profits Target
To be confirmed - Dynamic Targets
Avg Stoploss Target
To be confirmed - Dynamic Targets

Who would benefit from Seven Summits Trader

Those who:
  • Prefer to learn from experienced traders
    (all support staffs are traders themselves)
  • Like straightforward entry and exit signals-based indicators/softwares
  • Like to enter the market with big reward and small risk
  • Understand that live trading room provides best training
  • Do not like buying systems from companies who simply keep coming out with new products
  • Wants to forget about all analysis and just trade the signals
  • Wants to learn a single proven trading system and stick with it
Product Creators

Mark Soberman (NetPicks)
Reputation Lv: 8/10
Success from previous products: 8/10

Random Testimonials Taken

Hello, I was honored to be selected by NetPicks to be a betatester for the new SST trading system.  I have worked with the SST software for 6 weeks.  Previously I was a daily attendee of TJ Noonan's signal trade room. 

I grew from a "gambler who dabbled" in the futures market to a "semi-professional" trader in the 12 months that I spent trading with, and learning from TJ.

I have been the person who did the daily update on TJ's blog for the Russelll Index results.  I can vouch for the completeness and accuracy of the numbers posted from the end of June. 

I took all of those trades myself. 

I can honestly say that using the SST on the Russell 2000 e-mini contract not only had the success as shown for the period listed, but there were significant profits that are not recorded on the blog that go all the way back to when TJ started calling SST setups in his trade room in April. 

I also successfully use the SST to trade Crude Oil.

I like the basic money management concept of limiting risk initially to a manageable amount.  Then taking all risk off when the market moves a safe distance in your favor. 

A nice profit is taken at an initial target on a large number of the trades.  Then it really gets exciting if you are able to trade 2 or more contracts. 

Use the SST trailing stop method and let half of your position ride for a potentially larger gain after the first half of your position is taken off at the initial target. 

Occasionally you will hit a home run trade by being patient and following the system.  That is fun and profitable.

I could go on, but  I think you get the idea that I endorse the SST strategy and also the training that TJ Noonan provides.  He is a difference maker and can raise the professionalism of your trading experience.

Jon Zeininger

Additional Bonuses
  • Extra Day Per Week in Live Training Room ($197.00 Value)
  • ‘Top Secret’ SST Trade Plans ($397.00 Value)
  • Instant Rebate applied at checkout ($300.00 Value)
  • Range Bar & Renko Bar Plugin for MT4 ($197.00 Value)
  • Shipping Fee Waiver on SST Resource Package ($50.00 Value)
  • Invitation to 2010 NetPicks Owners Meeting ($397.00 Value)
Refund Policy
  • 30 Day Performance Guarantee
  • 1-Year Double Price Guarantee
    ( You will get back 2X refund if the price of SST drop )
Alexa Site Rank
(higher rank = more traffic = more happy customers = pressure to deliver better products ! )
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