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  Date: 27 / Apr / 2015
Latest Forex Trading Reviews (27 May '11)
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The list of updates below are mostly emails from the product development team
or any major news spotted in the forex forums.


Mega Gift - Maximum Velocity Forex System (13 Oct '10)

An Elite Group Of Forex Traders Have Earned
Blockbuster Returns Over The Last Few Months...
Making Them Wealthy And Changing Their Lives...And
I'm Going To Tell You How They Did It


=== Maximum Velocity Forex System...yours today

Do you want to know what the next trading move will
be? Well, keep reading because I'm going to give you
a gift that will do just that. That gift is called
the Maximum Velocity Forex System, and I will share
the download information with you in a minute.

"I Can Make You A Forex Trader If You
Can Answer These 3 Simple Questions Below"



Question 1 - If you earn $60,000 per year and spend
$75,000 per year, are you positive or negative at
the end of that year?

Question 2 - If your card debt is more than five
times what you earn, is that a positive or a negative

Question 3 - If the interest alone on your cards are
more than you earn, will that make you more
financially positive or more negative?

Now imagine this is not a person, but a country!
Question 1 referred to how much the country earned
(GDP), and Question 2 referred to how much it spent.
Question 3 is the debt crisis we are going through.

Now Here's The Important Question

How long could you lose money before you had a
serious problem? Well, it's the same thing for a
country. They get around this by printing money, but
that's only a temporary fix.

Here's The Good News

Forex traders love this situation. It's like waking
up on Christmas day when you were 7. You can't wait
to wake up because you know there are gifts waiting
for you. But, how do you benefit from this type of
information? Well, that's a great question and let me
tell you how you can not only benefit, but how you
can change your life.

Since we are imagining a lot of things today, imagine
this - you are one of only a handful of smart people
who take action next Tuesday the 18th of October, and
you gain the secrets of the most potent trading
systems ever revealed. Imagine again if you will,
the sheer excitement you will feel when, you know you
have in your hands the power to change your destiny.

Just keep this thought in mind when you are
downloading over $2,000 worth of trading tools at the
World Class Trading Stars website. Those tools are
just the tip of the iceberg:

Maximum Velocity Forex System

If you liked the Triple Shot system I sent you a few
days ago, you will lose sleep over this one, it's so
good. Here's the summary:

- It trades 1-3 times daily when trading on a 5
minute chart

- works on all currency pairs

- can be traded across all sessions

- uses only 2 common indicators in a unique way

- It uses the following time frame combinations:
1 Minute and 30 Minute
5 Minute and 1 Hour
15 Minute and 4 Hour
1 Hour and Daily
4 Hour and Weekly
Daily and Monthly

How great has this week been? Some of the best stuff
for traders available anywhere, and it hasn't cost
you a dime. The catch is that they will only be
there for a few more days, so get them while you

All The Best

P.S. You just have to read the comments to see how
much success people are having with these trading

P.P.S. Why not make a comment yourself and you could
claim one of these - iPad2, Dell laptop, Telescope,
Kindle and iPod Touch.

Information, charts or examples contained in this
email is for illustration and educational purposes
only. It should not be considered as advice or an
endorsement to purchase or sell any security or
financial instrument. We do not and cannot give any
kind of financial advice. On certain occasions, we
have a material link to the product or service
mentioned in the email. This may be in the form of
compensation or remuneration.



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Download a free powerful trading tool - TrendBolt (10 Oct '10)

"New TrendBolt Trading Tool Will
Tell You What Direction The Trend Is In,
No Matter What The Market Condition"
(This could revolutionize your trading)


==> TrendBolt Download Instructions

Your complimentary copy of TrendBolt from World Class Trading Stars is waiting for

There's nothing I like more than getting real,
powerful trading tools into the hand of serious
traders, and I have a spectacular one this time. I'm
especially excited because this undercover trend
identifier has never been released before. You will
be the first to use this, outside of the World Class
Trading Stars team.

Finally, Strategies That Work In Today's Market

I want to tell you a real quick story about three
ordinary people who have done extraordinary things
in trading. Consider this, since 2008 we have had
over 10,000 people in twelve different competitions
try to claim the title of best trader, but for the
first time ever, I think we have found three people
who can truly can be called World Class Trading

My Inbox Is Full, Is Yours?

My inbox is probably as full as yours is with Forex
promotions. I get so many people asking me to review
their latest thing, that I can't keep up. To be
honest, I am very tarnished by the whole Forex Market
right now, because there's are no real Forex traders
anymore, just marketers, or some guy who read on a
website that Forex is the next best thing, and
decides to come up with something that week.

It needs to be real, and as far as I know, the only
real way to prove you can walk the walk is to trade
live, and let people see you do it. That's why I'm
excited about what will happen in the next few days,
just read my emails and you will see exactly what I
mean. These systems will fill up your account faster
than an empty car at a gas station.

Super TrendBolt Trading Tool

When someone asks you where the trend is on the
British Pound, for example, it's actually a loaded
question. It's a loaded question because it depends
what time frame you are trading. For someone who
trades a daily chart, the trend might be up, but for
someone who trades 1 minutes chart, it might go
through several up and down trends during the day.


The Most Powerful Trend Is
A Multi Time Period Trends

Now if you're are a die hard 1 hour time frame
trader and you don't like to trade, or look at any
other time periods, then skip this next bit, because
it might change your world if you read it.

By far the most powerful type of trend, is what you
call multi time period trend. That means that
multiple time periods are all trending in the same
direction. It's almost like a tsunami when it
happens, it's just not smart to fight this situation,
or try and trade against it.

When that big almighty wave comes, you want to be
there my friend, you want to be surfing that wave
like a professional surfboarder, just accumulating
money as that tide comes in.

Trend Tamer

The only problem is that it's not always easy to
know when you get the perfect conditions to turn up
the volume in your trading...until now.

World Class Trading Stars is making this trend
identifying software available to you for the next
few days. This trend taming power tool is called
TrendBolt, and you can have an unrestricted, no
limitation copy valued at $499 as a gift, if you
collect it today. Here's just a few things it can

- Identifies a trend so you can know the best
direction to trade.

- It tells you how strong the trend is. It's fine
knowing the trend is up but, you need to know just
how strong that trend is. It will tell you in
percentages, just how strong the trend is.

- You can decide how many time frames you would like
TrendBolt to analyse.

- It will analyse three different indicators to
cross reference the trend. If you were to use just
one indicator it would give you an unfair advantage,
using three will make your broker think you have
inside information.

I like this tool. I think if you try this just for a
week, it could change your trading.

All The Best

P.S. Here's even better news. Try TrendBolt then
share your thoughts on how it works and you could bag
a copy of World Class Trading Stars, or an iPad 2.



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World Class Trading Stars Is Simply A Wealth Building Machine (5 Oct '11)


The secret to trading Forex might be simpler than
you think. I want you to watch this motivational
video that is waiting for you, and I want to tell
you how you can get an iPad 2 without it costing you
a dime, all this in just a minute.

Before we start, I would like to ask you a
potentially life changing question?

Would you like to have a way of taking money from
the Forex market that gives you such an unfair
advantage, you would almost feel guilty?

Over the next few days, I'm going to tell you about
three people who have proven beyond a shadow of a
doubt that they are amongst the best traders in the
world. Not because I say so, but because they
proved it, in front of thousands of people, over a
three-month period. This is the first time this
valuable knowledge has been released. It's also the
only time it will be released!

If You're A Trader, Or You're Thinking
Of Becoming A Trader, You Will Never
Get Wealthy On $97 Trading Systems!


When you buy a car, you normally purchase a make
that you are familiar with, or you have at least
some knowledge of the company that makes it. You
also want to feel safe in the knowledge that
the company has some kind of track record, and that
you can expect help if you do have a problem.

Why then, do people jump from one system to another
without any consideration to whether there is some
kind of substance behind the thing?

That's why the next few weeks are critically
important if you take your future seriously. Not
just because I'm going to tell you about three of
the most talented traders in the world, but because
with the way things are going in the world, trading
Forex might just be the smartest thing you could do.

All you have to do for the time being, is just watch
for my emails, and follow along as you learn about
the World Class Trading Stars, and have some

I Really Like This Next Part

Isn't it depressing hearing how bad the economy is
in America and Europe? It saddens me when I hear
about how many thousands of people are losing their

But did you know...

More millionaires were created as a result of the
Great Depression than in any other period in
American history? Rent and equipment were so cheap,
it was practically given away, making it easy to get
a business started.

Trading Forex is probably one of the few things I
can think of, where all this bad news is actually
good. That's why I think you will like this
motivational video:

All The Best

P.S. After you watch the video, read how you can get
an iPad 2, for 3 minutes of your time.

P.P.S. The World Class Trading Stars, and their
systems, are the most important thing to happen this
year. Not only will you be able to log into their
accounts and learn about them, but you will also get
gifts worth thousands of Dollars.

P.P.P.S. If you are wondering what a bucket list is,
it's a list of things you want to do, or have. You
will understand when you get to the information



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