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  Date: 03 / May / 2015
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World Class Trading Stars
Factsheet & Review

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Forex Trading Systems

Forex Trading System
( A set of rules covering entry strategies, stoploss,
profit targets and money management.
Custom indicators may be included to assist the above. )
(Compare to other related products)
  • World Class Trading Stars is the collection of the top 5 trading systems in the world
  • They are the personal trading systems of the Top 5 traders in the world currently
  • They prove themselves by taking part in forex trading competition since 2008
  • Their trading results have to beat over 10,000 different contestants

  • The entire package is created by Old Tree Publishing , a well-known forex competition organizer, online forex library and publisher
  • The teaching materials are in physical form and not a digital product. They will be shipped to your house.

  • Free gifts like IPAD2 and other trading tools, softwares and systems are given out
  • The list of free trading tools given out so far:
    1. TrendBolt 
    2. Triple Shot Forex System 
    3. Megabreaker EA
    4. Maximum Velocity Forex Trading System
  • The only publisher to be giving out free training tools (like above)to help traders with financial issues


Advantages of World Class Trading Stars

  • World Class Trading Stars consists of forex trading systems which are tested and proven profitable against thousands of other trading systems via a trading competition
  • Only the Top 5 trading systems are chosen from the over tens of thousands trading systems
  • It took the organizer 3 years (from 2008) to arrive at these top 5 trading systems

  • The results are verified and endorsed by the most experienced forex competition organiser, Old Tree Publishing
  • You can rest assured to find your most compatible trading system with 5 trading systems to choose from.

    The trading systems will contain different profit targets, risk level and trading frequency to suit your needs
Recommend trading capital
World Class Trading Stars
Package Contents
  • All training materials including the forex trading systems are in physical DVDs formats

    The DVDS
  • Trading For Beginners
  • Madam Lim’s Trading Systems
  • Effortless Abundance Trading System
  • Maxentius Caesar Trading Systems
  • Tobey Jones Forex Systems
  • Expert Edition Trading Systems
  • Nurudeen Usaman’s Forex Trading systems
  • Live Trading Webinars
  • The Trading Manuals


    The printed training manuals
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Madam Lim Trading Manual
  • Effortless Abundance Trading Manual
  • Maxentius Caesar Trading Manual
  • Tobey Jones Trading Manual
  • Nurudeen Usaman Trading Manual


    Contents of online membership area
  • Digital Version of Course
  • Daily Updates
  • Live Trading Webinars
  • Member’s Discussion and Trading Forum
  • Trading Signals and Chatroom
  • And etc...


    24/7 Support Via
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Skype
Traded Currencies
All Currencies
Preferred Timeframe
To be confirmed
Avg Profits Target
To be confirmed - Dynamic Targets
Avg Stoploss Target
To be confirmed - Dynamic Targets

Who would benefit from World Class Trading Stars

Those who:
  • Have benefitted from Old Tree Publishing previous trading products
  • Believes that only competition produces the best forex trading systems
  • Wants to keep current with the most profitable trading systems
  • Only believes in using proven and profitable forex trading system

  • Wishes to increases one's forex profits through manual trading than automated trading
  • Wants to take control of own trading profits and losses than using some automated forex robots

  • Likes the flexibility of using more than one trading system to trade all types of trading conditions, timeframes and currencies
  • Prefer commercial forex trading system endorsed by reputable party than using free trading system out there .
Product Creators

Old Tree Publishing
Reputation Lv: 9/10
Success from previous products: 9 /10

Refund Policy
60 Days Money Back Guaranteed
Alexa Site Rank
(higher rank = more traffic = more happy customers = pressure to deliver better products ! )
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