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  Date: 21 / Apr / 2015
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Zone 99 Forex
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Zone 99 Forex | Zone99Forex
Factsheet & Review

zone 99 forex

zone 99 forex icon Visit Zone 99 Forex
Forex Trading Robots

Forex Trading Robots
( Meta Expert Advisors that can trade on its own
without any user intervention )
(Compare to other related products)
  • Live testing results (till 21 Apr): Generated $1.9k+ so far with $10k capital
  • Some of the trading results include:
    1. $5000 into $17163.45 in 3 months
    2. $5000 into $7000 within 1 month
  • Zone 99 Forex is developed, tested and used by a 9 year veteran forex trader and a PhD geek
  • The trading system is based on Self-Evolving Price Prediction algorithm(S.E.P.P )technology to predict market movement .
  • Able to automatically adapt to any market condition (trending, non-trending, volatile or non-volatile )
  • An average winning rate of 72% - 81.68%
  • Uses trailing stops for more profit taking whenever possible
  • Works with any broker (ECN brokers included) using Stealth Mode to avoid stoploss hunting and other sabotages
  • During backtesting, Zone99Forex EA managed to turn $10k into 1.2 Mil(11,926.02%) in 25 months with an average 81% winning rate from 5,594 total trades.

Advantages of Zone 99 Forex

  • Very promising backtesting results where you can turn $10k into $1million within 2 years
  • Live testing results available so you can verify whether the forex robot still works on today market environment
  • Every trade of yours adopts a reasonable risk-reward ratio and uses trailing stop to go for bigger profits whenever possible
  • No worries that your forex robot cannot adapt to market changes in trend as it uses price action technology
  • You can use Zone 99 Forex with any brokers
Recommend trading capital
Zone 99 Forex
Package Contents
  • Zone 99 Forex expert advisors
  • Instruction Manual
  • Advanced Forex Video Training Courses (worth $97)
  • Collection of Premium Forex Indicators (worth 197$)
  • Free updates for life
Traded Currencies
Preferred Timeframe
1 hour
Avg Profits Target
Trailing Stop for profits
Avg Stoploss Target
To be confirmed

Who would benefit from Zone 99 Forex

Those who:
  • Believes that trailing stops are the best way to go for big profits instead of using fixed profit targets
  • Happy with a bottom line winning accuracy of 72% - 81.68%
  • Likes the idea that $10k was compounded into more than $1million in 2 years
  • Wishes to spend minimum time trading and prefers an automated trading software
  • Do not want to spend more than a hundred dollars on a decent forex robot
Product Creators

James Ponna
Reputation Lv: ???
Success from previous products: ???

Refund Policy
60 Days Money Back Guaranteed
Alexa Site Rank
(higher rank = more traffic = more happy customers = pressure to deliver better products ! )
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